So where do I start?

1 minute read

That is always my first thought when I get a new idea. Because I want to start right away. I’ve got a fun new idea and cannot wait to get cracking. Never mind that I already have three other projects ongoing that is not done yet.

So this is my problem: I am not good at finishing things. It is always the next idea that is the most fun to work with. The previous project is well underway or almost finished, but the work has changed from fun to a chore because I have to finish it. The starting phase, the exploration, the discovery, the learning of new technology or methods is over. I know where it is going. I know what is left to do. It is just tying up the final bits and pieces, but the work has become boring. And of course I have gotten some great ideas for my next project.

Starting a new project is always the most fun, but even that can be difficult sometimes. I may be ready to start a new project, but have several different ideas and it is difficult to choose which one to start with. They are all real fun, and all may give me an opportunity to learn something new, so which should I pick? I may get so hung up on the problem of choice that I just decide to postpone the decision till the next day and start then instead. And then I open Twitter or reddit and get very distracted, or get some more new ideas…

This blog is my latest project, and with any success it should never be finished and therefore never get to the boring stage. At least that is my latest idea. But to achieve that I am going to write about whatever interests me at the moment. Mostly it is going to be about user experience design and coding as that is what I care most about, but related to my impatience of getting to the next idea, the topics I am passionate about may change often. So I am going to use this blog as a tool to satisfy my own impatience and hopefully along the way some of it may be of interest to others as well.