Sublime Text 2 tip: Get Sublime Text 3

1 minute read

Yes, you read that right. The best way to improve Sublime Text 2 is to get version 3. It’s pretty obvious of course, but at the moment Sublime Text 3 is only available as a public beta and you may not know about it.

The new version has many great improvements. The one I am probably most happy about is how blazingly fast it now starts. The developers have done some amazing work to bring the startup time down to almost nothing. In addition, adding packages no longer degrade the startup time further.

My second favourite improvement is the symbol indexing. Sublime Text 3 automatically scans and indexes all files in a project and you can now Goto Definition and Goto Symbol in Project.

Sublime Text 3 is available for download from the Sublime Text 3 page. The beta version is only available to registered users. If you are a registered user you just use you current license when installing Sublime Text 3 beta. If you are not a registered user, then shame on you. Even though it is fully usable without registering, it only costs $70 and is worth every penny.

Note: I have nothing to do with the development or sale of Sublime Text. I am just a very happy user.